Dracula Therapy

PRP/Dracula Face Lift

The ageing process is a complex interaction between a variety of facial elements, which occurs like a domino effect. The process can be described as a cascade effect, which happens in four main facial layers: the bone, muscle, fat and skin. This treatment is actually the only one working on all those elements.

PRP/Dracula Hair growth

Growth factors will help to regenerate hair follicles.

PRP/Dracula Breast Enhancement

To correct asymmetry, improve the cleavage and decolletage.


For scars and wound healing PRP/Dracula for receding gums.

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Why does this technique work for so many different problems?

Growth factors’ work is to regulate the life of cells, any cell of the body. Thousands of different growth factors are known, each one presenting its own characteristics and specific cellular targets.

Platelets contain many growth factors, above all IGF-1, FGF, GFDP and many others. Skin cells, tendon cells, bone cells, are all regulated and stimulated by control mechanisms of growth factors. Indeed, all body organs possess quiescent stem cells which, if stimulated, can lead to the formulation of new healthy tissue.

At the moment, only Plasma Rich in Growth Factors allows for the stimulation of the cell healing process in many different tissues.