M.E.L.T. Lipo Laser


A Revolutionary new Diode Laser Fat Reduction System


  • A completely Non invasive treatment, with absolutely no pain
  • A Fast Effective-safe-comfortable-convenient fat reduction treatment
  • Uses 10 Multi-pads for body and face (70 lasers total) will facilitate upto two treatment areas at any one time.
  • Lipo Laser will address multiple problems areas:
  • Waistline, abdomen, buttocks and thigh areas, arms and under arms
  • It utilises a New and Unique revolutionary Low-level laser therapy
  • Easy to operate, treatments last from just 5 minutes
  • Suitable for nearly all people who suffering fat problems




  • Wave length                                                       635-680nm
  • Output Power                                                    500W
  • Number of diole laser                                      70
  • Single-laser output                                           40mw-100mw
  • LCD controller                                                   8”color touch LCD display
  • Language                                                             English
  • Working time                                                      constinously / time setting
  • Working environment temperature               10-30°C
  • Dimension                                                           45*30*35cm
  • Weight                                                                  12 kg
  • Voltage                                                                 220 V / 110 V
  • Number of treatment probes                          10