Doctor’s Testimonials

dr2      Dr Daniel Lanzer
      Malvern, Australia

“One of the real advantages of Airgent (now EnerJet) is that it can be used to rejuvenate large areas with a filler that previously was only used in localized folds. It therefore can treat all of the face, the neck and chest and the backs of the hand. This skin and lack of elasticity is treatable. Airgent is relevant to anyone who is interested in:

  • Reducing fine wrinkles

  • Revitalizing aged, dehydrated skin

  • Enhancing natural features

  • Improving acne scars

  • Reducing wrinkles around the eyes and lips

  • Helps noticeable scars and keloids

  • Reducing visible stretch marks

  • Mini “face-lifts”

“I just received a very interesting, thankful and enthusiastic feedback from a patient I treated with the Airgent (now called EnerJet) for stretch-marks on the abdomen last summer!”

“Since I started doing tissue remodeling treatments with the Airgent technology in 2008, I have seen convincing results, in particular for applications that are difficult or just impossible with needle injections or other existing tissue remodeling devices.
Some of my favorites are tissue remodeling procedures of the hands and the decolleté. My patients are very happy with their immediate rejuvenating appearance, long-lasting results and a less painful treatment.”

Carpi Marion 2013_86x108website(3)      Dr. med. Sabine Zenker
      Clinic – Dr. Zenker Dermatology
      Munich, Germany

“Airgent (now EnerJet) represents the next step in effective skin remodeling for scientifically proven collagen neogenesis. Its clinical effectiveness and safety makes this pneumatically powered intradermal hyaluronic acid delivery one of the best options for the treatment of aged, wrinkled skin. Furthermore the Airgent2 fills the therapeutically gap for the most challenging skin diseases such as acne scars and stretch marks where many of the existing treatment options fail. Thanks to the minimal downtime as well as the lack of pain and its operation possibilities regardless to sun exposure, makes the Airgent2 a treatment option highly appreciated by both, patients and doctors.”

Dr Levenberg_86x108      Dr. Alex Levenberg
      Tel Aviv, Israel

 “EnerJet’s new application is the “walk-in and walk-out” facelift or as I call it the “knifeless facelift”. It’s suitable for those women who seek immediate improvement without any downtime. Patients come to my office, even during break time, perform the treatment and go back to work and see the improvement immediately.”

Cassuto_86x108      Dr. Daniel Cassuto
      Milano, Italy

“I have been using the technology since 2009.
It’s the most effective treatment I can provide to my patients for old stretch marks.It is also the first line treatment for    deep acne scars, that would not show such an improvement with any other kind of technology. In both cases, the atrophic areas are regenerated without any risk of side effects.”