Launched in 2011, Breit Aesthetics Ltd is a specialist supplier of leading innovative solutions to the Medical Aesthetics community. Our aim is to support anti-ageing treatments and procedures that complement and enhance the existing health and wellbeing of our patients; helping restore the youthful definition of the face and body.

Breit Aesthetics Ltd has teamed up with the Health technology group to bring you new innovate advancements to the Medical Aesthetics Industry.

Our latest innovation isĀ  M.E.L.T (Medical Energies for Lipolysis and skin Tightening), the state of the art body-sculpting machine, that dissolves unwanted fatty tissue and diminishes ugly cellulite whilst tightening loose skin tissue. The innovation uses a combination of specifically advanced medical frequencies that were designed in collaboration with a team of international physicists, the M.E.L.T. machine is registered as the exclusive product of leading French medical practitioner Dr. Daniel Sister. Always at the cutting edge of the latest cosmetic, medical and scientific research Dr Sister developed M.E.L.T. combing the best features of leading, non-invasive body sculpting options to create one ‘ideal’ and innovate solution.


Why M.E.L.T.?


  • Our equipment provides safe, effective and painless weight loss and skin tightening, in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • We are supported and recognised by a number of high profile leading doctors and surgeons in the field of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine. Internationally recognised Dr. Sister promotes M.E.L.T. and allows us to benefit from his reputation and credibility and have privileged access to customer and network bases.
  • We provide a comprehensive after-sales service with full technical assistance.
  • Our equipment is quality controlled and conforms to the highest standard of EU Health and Safety Regulations.