EnerJet’s Technology

Jet Volumetric RemodelingTM – JVRTM  proprietary technology simultaneously delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound causing a deep (up to 6mm) volumetric injury effect for the remodeling of the dermis. This parallel effect of a deep injury and a healing compound induces dermal neogenesis. HA molecules absorb water for rapid skin healing and result in an immediate visible improvement.  Dermal healing augments collagen generation to create tighter tissue, replacing skin imperfections for long-lasting, healthy aesthetic affects.

Fig. 1: Skin prior to treatment.    Depleted collagen & Glycoaminoglycans in the dermis leads to wrinkled, brittle, dry, and aged skin.
Fig. 2: EnerJet’s JVR technology.       Skin enhancing agent Hyaluronic Acid (HA) spreads in the dermis.
Fig. 3: EnerJet’s JVR technology at a high velocity penetrates the skin to a controlled depth of 6mm causing a deep  volumetric injury effect which induces collagen regeneration.
Fig. 4: Skin appearance several hours post treatment.  Hyaluronic Acid (HA), an enhancing agent  gives  immediate and visible aesthetic improvement by adding volume and attracting moisture, resulting in a thicker dermis and reduced wrinkles.
Fig. 5: Long term skin remodeling.     Skin appearance at the end of the treatment – thicker dermis, smooth skin and higher moisture content due to collagen and GAG`s synthesis induced by the wound healing process.
Fig. 6: Skin augmentation model. Enerjet’s JVR technology is the first and only dermal jet remodeling modality achieving non-surgical facial lifting, scar repair, and improved skin appearance.

EnerJet’s Jet Volumetric RemodelingTM technology accurately delivers kinetic energy and a healing compound, via small epidermis entry points. Once reaching the dermis layer, the jet stream disperses the skin enhancing agent. A limiter in contact with the skin controls both the distance and the shape of the lateral dispersion, allowing for the treatment area to be 1,000 times larger than the injecton from a single entry point. This ensures optimal skin coverage, and maximum effective treatment in the dermis layer (Fig. 2) .

The high molecular mass of the skin enhancing agent (HA)  is accelerated by the pneumatic force of the handheld applicator. This high-energy and massive particles then act as “nano-bullets”, as they pass through the dermis, creating a deep volumetric injury effect. The covering treatment area is 1,000 times larger than the injection point. The injury triggers the desired and controlled wound healing process (Fig. 3).

The healing process promotes the formation of new collagen. Skin renewal commences, and improves the skin texture for years to come. This is the long term skin remodeling effect (Fig. 4).

As with all other modalities, long term skin renewal may require several treatments before any effect visibly appears. To overcome the time gap, EnerJet’s technology has an additional, outstanding quality of creating an immediate and observable effect which lasts until the long term skin remodeling takes over. The skin enhancing agent (HA) dispersd inside the dermis attracts and retains water molecules, increasing the local hydration and adds volume to the area.
One can see the combined contributions of the immediate and visible aesthetic improvement and the long term skin remodeling effects.Usually 3 sessions are performed, spaced 3-4 weeks apart(Fig. 5).

Marked in red is the contribution of the skin enhancing agent, which is evident from the first session (week 0), and enhanced by the 2nd and 3rd sessions (weeks 4 & 8 respectively). The “immediate” aesthetic improvement is a short term change, which increases with each additional application.

Marked in green is the contribution of the collagen.  The skin remodeling is a long-term process that takes 10-12 weeks until an effective improvement is apparent.

The total skin enhancement available with EnerJet’s JVRTM technology is marked in blue, and is the total of the two individual contributions. Note that the improvement is immediate, following the first session, later to be taken over by the long-term skin remodeling effect. Typical transition between processes occurs approximately within 10-12 weeks (Fig. 6).

Safety is enhanced compared to alternative modalities since EnerJet’s JVR technology acts on the dermis from within, completely bypassing the epidermis. All types of skin can be treated without any risk of adverse effects to the epidermis.To summarize – EnerJet’s JVRTM technology offers:

  • Effective dermal remodeling treatment combining kinetic energy and HA.

  • Deeper treatment than other energy-based devices (up to 6mm).

  • Covers treatment area 1,000 times larger than injection point.

  • Immediate visible and long lasting results.

  • Hard to treat indications – neck, decoulte, hands, scar repair