Dr. Jules Nabet


Dr. Jules Nabet is a leading doctor in the field of aesthetic medicine.

He enjoys an international reputation and is ranked in the top ten best practitioners in the world, regularly sharing his 20 years of expertise by lecturing at conferences on anti-aging medicine all around the world. He co-wrote the book, “The Hormone Solution: Stay Younger Longer with Natural Hormone and Nutrition Therapies”, which was published by Random House in 2002 and has since been translated in a dozen languages. Dr Jules Nabet has clinics in London and Paris and counts numerous Vogue models, TV personalities and actors among his clientele. In 2008 Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Today, one of the UK’s most prominent magazines on cosmetic medicine, described him as “ intensely French, discreet and sympathetic… advising women about the best way to rejuvenate their looks rather than just giving them the treatment they think they need.”

Dr Jules recognises M.E.L.T. as an effective weight loss method and uses similar technology is his clinics.



Dr. Cyrille Blum


Dr Cyrille Blum is a cosmetic doctor with high level training in advanced techniques in facial enhancement and rejuvenation, and body contouring.

The specificity of his practice is the use of combinations of the most advanced therapies to achieve highly personalized treatments. Dr Blum, also known as “Dr Chez Vous“, is famous for creating the first service of motorcycle home delivery of facial cosmetic medical treatments, which he is still personally running today. He has featured in many TV programs in the UK and in France on cosmetic medicine and his name has become synonymous with skill and discretion among celebrities, models, and high level business and finance figures worldwide.

Dr Blum offers M.E.L.T in his clinics as, “ the latest ‘must have’ to fight cellulite and stubborn fat ”.

Dr Blum now resides in London. He is registered with Conseil de l’Ordre des Médecins (France), General Medical Council (UK) and is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors.



Dr. Cécile Ducroquet                                  


One of the most famous and recognized beautician and nurse in the field of asesthetic treatment worldwide and Paris and London leading mesotherapy practitioner.

“ Say Goodbye to cellulite and re-tighten your skin without effort. One of the most effective and safe non invasive treatment for dreaded orange peel and skin tightening. I just love it … ”